Singapore vs. London: Which one is better for starting a Business?

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When you step out of London Airport, you will find everything very intimidating and you will surely seek warmth, but you can surely get settled in fine. While in Singapore you can find Malay, Chinese, and a few other racial groups, in London, you can find so many ethnic groups, and it’s certainly interesting to see so many different features and customs. As two of the most vibrant cities, Singapore and London both offer pros and cons, so in order to be fully prepared for your move you ought to take into consideration the cost of living as well, although according to the crowd sourcing website, Numbeo, they both have the same average disposable income.


London was time and again crowned as the Europe’s leading economic powerhouse, emerging the strongest advanced economies, while Singapore, one of the smallest countries in the world has also shown sheer guts since self-independence, successfully leaping from Third World to the First, as the city-state’s foreign exchange centre is the third-largest globally. If you are not sure whether to set up your business in Singapore or in the UK, let us help ease your decision-making by measuring indicators and taking into account their, vibrant startup eco-system and government grants. The following is an evaluation of the competitiveness of the two business jurisdictions. This report serves as a guide, so here are some of the things we’ve noticed regarding the business culture in London vs. Singapore.


The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world, as well as the world’s 11th biggest manufacturing nation, and the largest UK exports are financial services. The property prices in London are slightly cheaper than a similar standard in Singapore, depending, of course, of the selected area, but whether you’re moving from Singapore to London, or vice versa, you should do a research trip in order to find out the real, as they might vary. Both are stunning metropolitan cities where you can always find something fun, excellent places for single men to spend some unforgettable moments, but if you are looking for a beautiful and charming girl, you should know that your request might cost you, especially if you do this for the first time. So if you are visiting alone, you should look for a smart and funny escort : and invite her to a restaurant or hotel in order to find out more about the location.


Singapore is the preferred business jurisdiction for companies from the United Kingdom, and some of the big names include Standard Chartered, Dyson, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland, as the UK is the largest European Union investor and the largest trading partner. British companies have located their regional base in Singapore because of the distinct advantage and strategic decisions, based on an evaluation of factors such as business costs, business hub, and the country’s trade relationship with the rest of the world, the workforce quality and the infrastructure. English is universally spoken in Singapore, so any English speakers will have no difficulty, and both locations have a wide mixture of various cultures.


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