Small Business Ideas in Singapore for Foreigners

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Singapore is not only a very beautiful city that you must visit but an excellent place to start a business as well. If this idea seems interesting to you and you were actually planning to do this then we will show you in this article a few small business ideas in Singapore for foreigners. Have a look at them and see if there is anything that suits you.

Fast Food Eateries

Fast food and snacks sell extremely well in this location, and this means that even the smallest investors can make a huge profit by starting this type of business. You can easily start selling barbecue, pizza, hamburgers, and so on. You just need to get some approvals, which by the way are not hard to get here, and then you can start making a profit.

Online Marketing & Advertising

Due to the fact that increasingly more businesses need to attract customers and sell their products or services via the internet, the demand for professionals in the marketing and advertising areas is without a doubt extremely high. In case you are a seasoned copywriter, a developer, a social marketing expert, or a website designer then you must know that huge opportunities are waiting for you in Singapore.

Freelance Writing

Blogging as a business will come profitable only when you regularly publish high-quality articles. Therefore, what you should do is to invest your time and talent in creating a blog that can bring you quite a lot of money. This is an excellent business idea that doesn’t require a high budget.


If you are specialized in this area then we confidently recommend you to start a business in the farming sector. The advantage is that Singapore has just a few players in this domain and that’s why you have lots of chances to have a profitable business in a quite short period of time. The demand for agricultural products outweighs the supply with each passing day. However, you need to make sure you are prepared, financially speaking, to bear the costs of the technology required for this type of production.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

There are many Singaporeans who are extremely busy and they definitely do not have time for doing the laundry. That’s why they request the services of someone who is specialized in this area. If you want to start a small-scale business in this location then you should take into consideration this option. In order to start a business of this type, you will need professional equipment such as dryers, pressing irons, and so on.

Appliances Repairing

All over the world people have different things to fix and they will do that instead of actually buying brand new items. A repair service business in Singapore is easy to start and run as well. The most important thing is to make sure you hire people that know exactly what they’re doing because otherwise, you will most probably have unsatisfied clients which can certainly have a negative impact on your entire business.





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