My First Singapore Experience as a German Expat

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In Singapore, you can definitely do lots of amazing things. You can visit very beautiful attractions, learn a lot about this interesting culture, have crazy nights out, meet new and interesting people, build a wonderful career, and also invest in a sector from which you can earn lots of money. In this article, I will talk a bit about my first Singapore experience as a German expat so that you can draw your own conclusion regarding this place.

One of the advantages of living in this amazing place is that within just several meters I have a church, a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, lots of shops, cafes, and also a large range of restaurants. I have visited the whole place and all the neighborhoods have these facilities, which is in my opinion extremely comfortable and useful at the same time.

The public transport is extremely efficient and affordable as well, which again is a huge advantage of lining in this place. Other cities do not have such a great efficiency when it comes to this sector, and most of them have high prices for the bus, tram, or underground. Just think about London, where you need to spend a huge amount of money on traveling within the city.

In terms of fun, I can say that the nightlife here is vibrant and absolutely amazing. You can always find something new to do and go to a totally different bar, restaurant, pub, or nightclub. You can easily make friends no matter where you choose to go because locals and foreigners are very friendly and chatty, and this is something that mattered to me a lot. If you are a single man and you want to move here, then in order to not feel alone and also get to know the city very well you can request the services of an escort : Singapore is a city where escorts of many nationalities can be paid for keeping company, for pleasure, and for showing you the place as well.

Another important aspect that I liked very much is the organization and the cleanliness of Singapore. I was actually very impressed with how clean and tidy this place is. I have lived in other places as well but I haven’t been impressed as much as I was about Singapore. If you have children then again here you will feel very comfortable as all the playgrounds are very well organized and clean. I’ve seen in other places vandalized playgrounds with broken rubbish bins and lots of dirt. However, it is not the case when it comes to this place.

The accessibility for those who have physical disabilities is absolutely excellent. Almost every building and bus provides full accessibility, which is a huge advantage for all those who really need it. All the aspects I have highlighted in this article contributed to my decision of living in Singapore. My first experience as a German expat in this location has definitely been a very positive one and that’s why I have decided to remain here. Furthermore, I have also met lots of foreigners who noticed all these things and also found this location as a great one for starting a wonderful career and for living a fulfilling life. Therefore, if you are also thinking about moving to Singapore, from my opinion and personal experience I can tell you that you would make an excellent choice.



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